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Factors Affecting Dumpster Rental Costs

When eliminating large quantities of junk such as construction site trash, consider getting dumpsters for rent. The dumpsters come in various sizes and can handle almost all waste types. However, the costs of dumpsters for rent vary. Here are factors that affect dumpster rental costs.

Dumpster Size

Ideally, the bigger the dumpster rental, the more it costs. Therefore, you should plan efficiently to know the correct dumpster size you require. Start by assessing your project and estimating the quantity of waste the project may produce.

Remember that choosing a smaller dumpster size may lead to more expenses as you may have to rent another. Also, renting a large dumpster can be wasteful since the dumpster will be underutilized. Therefore, choose the correct size of the dumpster to save on costs and avoid trash elimination delays.

Dumpster Renting Period

The period that you'll be renting the dumpsters for rent affects the costs of dumpster service significantly. For instance, if you're renting the bins for a month, you'll pay more than when you rent the bins for a shorter period. Therefore, understand the exact terms the dumpster rental company offers to avoid overspending.

Junk Weight

Some dumpster rental professionals charge you for the service depending on the weight of the junk. The heavier the junk, the more you will pay for the dumpsters for rent. That's because eliminating heavy debris requires high capacity containers and probably some junk hauling equipment for the job. Also, dumpster rental services won't overload the bins for safety purposes. If you have excess junk, you should hire another dumpster.


If your waste collection point is far away from the landfill, junkyard, or waste processing plant, you'll probably pay more for the dumpsters for rent. The reasons are that the dumpster rental company will travel a long distance, increasing transportation costs that they must recover. Hence, choose a company near you to cut down on transport costs and consequently the dumpster rental charges.

Nature of Wastes

The waste type you want to eliminate determines how much you'll pay for dumpsters. For instance, if you're dealing with toxic wastes such as chemicals, dumpster rental companies usually charge more for eliminating such wastes. That's because you'll need special bins that can carry the chemical wastes. Also, handling such wastes requires that the professionals wear protective gear and follow special protocols as the wastes are dangerous.

Distance, dumpster size, the weight of the junk, and the dumpster rental period are the main factors affecting the cost of dumpsters for rent. Consider these factors if you want to create a reasonable budget for your junk removal project. 

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